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Kate Sampsell, J.D., Ph.D.
Historian, Editor, Academic Publication Specialist


About me:

I am an editor and higher-education professional with over thirty years' experience helping authors craft engaging and lively academic writing and over twenty-five years' experience shepherding ideas through the process of academic publishing.


How I can help:

My specialties include copy editing with the Chicago Manual of Style, line editing, bespoke, handcrafted indexing (with knowledge of SEO), turning legalese into compelling and readable English, and finding illustrations to accompany ideas. I can help to "decolonize" language by identifying and eliminating excessive gender identification and unwitting use of language and idiom that is imbued with subaltern meaning.



I have 10 year's experience editing the academic writing of native and non-native English speakers. I can edit your writing to conform to academic standards while retaining your individual voice. I can help in any stage of your manuscript preparation, from inception, through research, to writing, editing, submission, and revision. My experience includes editing both books, academic papers, lectures, and conference presentations.

Learn more:

Please click here to download my editorial resume. Please click here to be taken to my academic CV



Workshop: "Integrating Images in Scholarly Writing" I am available to travel to your campus to deliver this workshop on using images in your scholarly writing to enliven the writing and add extra depth to your scholarship. I will also work with authors on integrating a single image or layering an entire book manuscript.

Send me an email at for more information.


I am willing to work with you to keep costs down.


Copy editing: begins at $.03 per word.

Line editing: begins at $100 per hour. Theory begins at $150 per hour.

Bespoke indexing: Please contact me directly.

Former clients:

My clients have included Johns Hopkins University Press, American Quarterly, the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and the Faculties of Engineering and Business Administration at Bilkent University in Turkey. Since all my work is confidential, I cannot disclose a complete list of my individual clients.

"I hired Kate Sampsell to compile the index of Nature and the Iron Curtain (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019) and am delighted with the result. As a scholar herself, Sampsell was able to prepare an ideal index for a scholarly book."

 —J.R. McNeill

Professor of History        

Georgetown University

"I hired Kate Sampsell to copy edit my book manuscript (Cambridge University Press, 2020) and the end result was much improved thanks to her meticulous attention to detail and stylistic prowess. I believe that my book will have much broader appeal thanks to her editing work."

Kelsey P. Norman, Ph.D.

Director, Women's Rights, Human Rights, and Refugees Program

Rice University

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